September 11th Lapbook

September 11 Lapbook
I debated for a while about doing a special unit for school focusing on September 11th. But, I just wasn’t sure I knew what to focus on and how to present the information about all that happened. I did know, however, that my kids should have an understanding of the events, people, causes, effects, etc.

I did end up deciding to do a study of the day, and was very happy when I found a lapbook to help. I was even happier when In The Hands of a Child agreed to give me a free copy of their September 11th Project Pack to use and review.

I really appreciate this activity pack, not only because of the fun and interesting projects, but because of the topics that are presented. Included in the reading and discussion material is information such as:

  • A thorough but sensitive explanation of the events
  • A detailed timeline
  • Background information on Islam, al-Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden
  • Rescue teams
  • Heroes–definitions and qualities
  • Some of the long-term impact of the events
Because of timing constraints, I don’t think we’re going to be able to take the 8 days that the project pack suggests. However, I do plan to use this lapbook for more than just this year. Hopefully in subsequent years we will be able to spend more time going deeper into the variety of subjects presented in the research guide.

For this year, I’m planning on having us read the information and choosing as many of the projects as we can fit in. Which, in my mind, is one of the beautiful things about lapbooks!

If you are interested in doing a September 11th lapbook unit study, you can still get one of these Project Packs from In The Hands Of A Child. And, the really really nice part is–they are selling the Project Pack EBook for just $6.00 right now!

Are you doing anything special to commemorate the anniversary of September 11, 2001?

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  • I can hardly believe it has been TEN years!!! How incredibly tragic that day was. It changed the way we view the world and how we live in it, didn’t it? May the LORD give us all wisdom and grace as we seek to teach our children about these historic events and may we always live our lives in order to bring praise to HIS Name.

    Many blessings to you Lisa!

    • Lisa

      It definitely did change our way of life–in so many different aspects. As our kids grow up in the post-9/11 years, I do think it’s important to teach them about those changes.

      Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you.

  • Hi! My name is Kattie and I am stopping by to let you know about the My Father’s World Homeschool Highlights! It is a weekly link-up where those of us using MFW can link up, share, and support one another. I hope you can join us, the info is on my blog.

    PS It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. I think a lapbook is a great idea to learn about this historical event.

    • Lisa

      Thank you for the information and link Kattie. I will definitely check it out!

  • kewkew

    Hi there, this sounds like a great lapbook for when our children get a bit older. I am curious as to what ages you feel this is appropriate for. I see it is labeled as 2-8, however, on the site it lists 5-8 as the appropriate grade levels.
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by and sharing with Throwback Thursday Blog Style. Your post was randomly selected as this week’s featured post! I hope you will stop back again this week. Blessings

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