The Saturday Morning Review


For today’s edition of The Saturday Morning Review, I’d like to introduce Supreme Protein Bars.

I was very excited to get a chance to taste and review these protein bars! I am bad about not eating something before or after exercising (and skipping breakfast, and sometimes lunch too!) I enjoy having these bars around for me to grab on the go. They are convenient if I’m pressed for time and need something filling and not high in carbs.

And, the great things is…these protein bars taste really good! Of course, our favorite WAS the Caramel Nut Chocolate. My daughter and I fought over who got the last one!

There are a variety of tempting flavors to choose from, including Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Pretzel Twist, and Chocolate Caramel Cookie Crunch. All of the different flavors have around 15 grams of protein and less than 20 grams of carbs. They also have quite a few vitamins and minerals.



You can find these bars at CVS, Walmart, Walgreen’s, GNC, and other retail locations.

And, 3 of you have a chance to possibly get a free box right here! If you are interested in winning a free box of Supreme Protein Bars, visit their website and come back and leave me a comment telling me which variety you would choose. That’s it!

You have from now until Tuesday (Nov. 1) to leave a comment. I will use my handy WP random chooser thing (I know, not the technical name for it) to pick 3 winners and I will let them know by email on Wednesday. Sound good?


(The Legal Stuff: Yes, I was given free samples of Supreme Protein Bars for the purposes of reviewing. Yes, my opinions and the opinions of my taste buds are solely mine.)

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  • love the sugar/carb ratio in these. wonder… are they made with soy protein? it’s hard to find a good protein bar that doesn’t have soy. sigh. may have to look for these.

  • Mmmmm… Peanut Butter Pretzel Crunch sounds the best to me. I’m still finding it challenging to get all three meals in at the traditional times with the baby so I’m eating a lot of low prep type snacks like these. Sounds fabulous!