Just for Fun

It’s Wednesday. Midweek. Time for some silliness.

This guy has become a favorite comedian of ours recently. He and Tim Hawkins and Bob Smiley have a show that they do together that is absolutely hilarious. Anyway, here’s just a couple of fun clips.






Enjoy the rest of your week!

This post has been submitted for inclusion in The Christian Home Magazine. As the featured columnist for the Gentle Humor column, I will be sharing something weekly that will, hopefully, bring a smile to your day!

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  • Rebecca

    LOVE IT! I am a morning person…but, not because of the birds. It’s my quiet time…and while my body would rather be in the bed….if I don’t have that time in the morning…the rest of the day…well, it does not go well…. This is hilarious! Thank you for sharing!

    • Lisa

      I’m not naturally a morning person. I’ve gotten used to getting up early in order to have some quiet time before everyone else gets up. BUT, normally I’m a stay-up-late and sleep-in kind of person. I’m definitely not a cheerful morning person like he describes! :)

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  • http://twitter.com/LauraOinAK Laura O’Neill

    Thanks for sharing someone I had not heard of before now.  I can always use a good laugh :o)