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Been one of those weeks. You know, the kind where mom the teacher is tired, distracted, and wanting to do things other than school.

Monday, I was so tired and off-kilter from being away all weekend at the Titus 2:1 Conference that we didn’t do anything. I took a long nap and the girls had fun with some long-lost things found in the back of a closet. Creativity–it’s a wonderful thing.


Tuesday night was the closing program/party for our co-op. The two older girls had a cake to decorate.


IMG 2800


IMG 2803

(Yes, they were actually feeding her tiny bits of frosting!)

IMG 2805

(FLAME–For the Lord and My Education–our co-op title)

My youngest was the designated face-painter for the party, so she made up a menu of pictures for kids to choose from. She did a great job at it. Silly me, however, forgot to bring the camera that night, so I got no pictures of the actual program and party. So disappointed in myself!


Wednesday, and Thursday were pretty routine, normal, just-get-stuff-done kind of days. Boring is how my kids would describe them. But, we are finishing up some of our books and subjects, which is kind of fun–for me anyway. We’ve moved from Africa to Asia in Exploring Countries and Cultures. We’re currently focused on the Middle East. I “made” my husband take the country quiz of that area, since he’s actually been there–and he did pretty good! Way better than me! Do you know where Turkmenistan is? Or how about Uzbekistan?


Friday–well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s today. We finished up our Progeny Press literature guide for The Magician’s Nephew, worked on physical features of Asia, and focused on fractional exponents, scientific notation, and renaming fractions. That last one I can actually do–and can help my youngest with it. Enough said about math right now, except that I’m really glad for teacher’s books!

My oldest and I both finished reading The Hunger Games this week. We sat and talked through it a little bit as well. One of the things Rachael Carman mentioned in her “Homeschool Through High School” breakout session was

“Letting your kids see or read things without discussing them is foolishness. Talk about everything from The Little Mermaid to The Hunger Games.”

I told her that after we read the book, I would take her to see the movie, so we’ll be making plans in the next few days to do that.


In other news, how about some school for mom? I’m signed up for the Content Brew classes in May, which I’m thrilled about!


I’m joining Kris, at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers today for this Weekly Wrap-Up. (And, by the way, I got to meet Kris and have lunch with her this past weekend–such fun!)


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  • It looks like a great week!! That kitty is SO cute! Very pretty cake.

    • Lisa

      She is a very pretty kitty. We’ve only had her for about 2 months, and we can’t imagine our home without her now!

  • I know exactly what you mean about needing/wanting to do things other than school:) This past Monday I declared it “Home Ec” day because the house needed to be cleaned up so badly!

    • Lisa

      We’ve had those “Home-Ec” days too!

      • We’ve had some “home ec” days the last couple of weeks! Sometimes school is impossible when Mom is faced with MOUNTAINS of laundry and a messy house!

        • Lisa


  • So you were at the 2:1 Conference? I was hoping to go but it didn’t work out this year. I’ve heard it was great!

    • Lisa

      It was great! I would very highly recommend that you go next year!

  • It looks like they had a lot of fun making that cake!

    • Lisa

      They really did! They had taken a cake decorating class through the co-op group, and it was a chance to show off their skills!

  • Love them feeding the kitty icing. Sounds like something that happens around our home!

    The girls done a wonderful job on the cake!!

  • Beautiful cake decorating! Great job!!!

  • What a great week! I still haven’t read the Hunger Games – keep thinking that I should, and then always end up picking a different book 🙂

  • psst … miss you