Thankful Thursday

Honestly, it would be quite easy for me to be whiny this week instead of thankful.

I’m always a little down after my parents leave, it’s way too hot and humid, I miss my husband, I have no motivation to do anything, and I’m struggling with making time for my Bible reading and study. Just keepin’ it real here.

However, even in the midst of all that, I know there are things to be thankful for, so here we go:


  • Beauty in spite of drought

IMG 2897


IMG 2909



  • Air conditioners in house and car
  • Time to read
  • Kind and generous friends
  • A homeschool curriculum grant for next year
  • A daughter who looks for beauty to capture on camera

IMG 2900



  • Days that are slowly shortening towards my favorite winter season
  • Entertaining cat antics
  • Relaxed mornings
  • This beautiful, energetic, keeps-me-on-my-toes young lady who turned 14 last week–14! Oh my!

IMG 2168


IMG 2510



  • A heavenly Father who knows my weaknesses, foibles, fears, and failings, and yet loves me perfectly. Oh, how grateful I am!


I hope you can find things, large and small, to be thankful for today.



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  •  Counting along side you – hard to find those blessings in the midst of the heat, but so glad you are!!

    • It does get difficult at times! I’m glad you were able to find things to count as blessings as well!

  • Lisa

    You are an inspiration, no matter how down you are, you always find something for which to be grateful!  🙂  I am keeping your hubby (and your family) in my prayers.  I have a son who just turned 14 recently.  Maybe we can introduce them sometime.  😉  Hope you have a good weekend, friend!  Many blessings, Lisa

    • It would be fun to introduce them! 🙂 Thank you for your prayers, my friend. We definitely need them!

  • RedOakLane

    you daughter is beautiful!!

    Homeschool curriculum grants!?!!  Oh my!  That is wonderful!! 

    Love the quilt and flower gardens 🙂

    We were up at my parents’ lakehouse for a few days, now we are home… :sigh:

    • She is growing up into a beautiful young lady. We are very proud of her. I was so surprised and pleased about that grant! It is going to be such a blessing for next year.

  • tettelestai

    Amen!  I understand the desire to whine, I do.  But I am thankful that God allowed thankfulness to win out.  I get pretty blue when my folks leave too.  I hate that part 🙁

  • Praying for you.  I should do Thankful Thursday posts.  They really do keep your mind on the blessings.

  • cdjdhj

    Thanks for the lovely reminder that there is always so much to be thankful for!  I am also looking forward to cooler weather…in fact I have always felt that the best thing about summer in Arizona is that fall and winter are on the way!