The Seed Of An Idea

About a week ago I was glancing through some e-books that had come across my path when I started noticing (relatively) minor mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Call me judgemental or overly critical if you would like, but for some reason those types of things jump out at me when I read a book–It’s a sickness, I know! Anyway, it sparked a thought that, since then, I’ve been mulling over.

When I was in college I did quite a bit of proofreading and editing for friends and my then-boyfriend-now-husband to help them with papers. When my husband was in seminary I did the same. I enjoyed the challenge! Now I’m wondering if I could use some of those “skills?” to help those who want to publish articles, e-books, etc.

So I have a question for you. Do you think there’s any kind of a place for me to offer proofreading and light editing services? I don’t have any professional training, but I’m thinking of those who maybe can’t afford a “professional” proofreader/editor and still want another set of eyes. Please give me some honest feedback! If you know authors or want-to-be-authors or soon-to-publish-authors…you get the idea…would you mind getting their opinion and sharing it with me? If YOU are a writer, would you possibly be interested in paying a modest amount for something like this?

I really am just beginning to put out feelers about this, but I’m excited about the possibility! Let me know what you think.