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History and Philosophy of the Western World by 7 Sisters Homeschool

Weekly Wrap-Up

It's been a very long time since I talked about what's going on in our homeschool, which is kinda sad. It's a pretty big part of our lives! I will tell you this: Homeschooling teenagers during high school is amazing and wonderful and so much fun! (Obviously, not every single day--but definitely overall.) From the independent learning, to the discussions, to the subjects, there is nothing I would change about homeschooling all the way through high school. I have to restrain myself from "going all mom" on my oldest (she hates it when I do that). This means gulping back the emotion that … [Read More...]

math games

Kids Dreading Math? Math Games & Activities to the Rescue!

(This is a guest post from Corinne Jacob who graciously agreed to share her thoughts and ideas with us. Thank you Corinne!)   As that old adage goes "prevention is better than cure." But whether you choose to use fun math games to prevent kids from dreading math or after the dread has already set in, it is an effective antidote. Grappling with math problems can be transformed into an engaging and fun experience with a variety of games. While playing, kids relax and become more receptive to learning. “Early Childhood” by Poughkeepsie Day School is licensed under CC BY 2.0 … [Read More...]


World Water Day 2015

At a recent Chaplain Spouse Coffee, we played a game where we were to write down 3 facts about ourselves and then others would have to try and guess who we were based on those facts. We learned some fun and interesting things about one another, I must say! One of the facts I wrote down about myself is that I am a water snob. It’s sad, but true. I am super-picky about the “taste” of the water I drink. My husband makes fun of me for it, since he really doesn’t think water has any taste anyway. Seriously though, I drink bottled water even at home because I can’t stand the taste of our tap water … [Read More...]

Save on curriculum from Compass Classroom during their Love to Learn sale!

Love to Learn & Love to Save Sale

The folks at Compass Classroom are having a great sale on curriculum from today until February 16th! Love to Learn & Love to Save This Love to Learn sale is for a variety of products, but one of their curriculum sets--Modern Parables--you can get at a special deal of 25% off through The Army Chap's Wife. Modern Parables is a new kind of Bible study. From one perspective, it's a study that uses short films of the parables to teach the Bible. But from another perspective, it's something unique. Modern Parables employs a new method of understanding the Bible through films that explain … [Read More...]

It's a giveaway for the new "Dear" magazine from Home Educating Family!

Dear Magazine Giveaway

I've done several reviews over the past years for products and planners from Home Educating Family. I'm so appreciative of how they are committed to encouraging and equipping homeschool families. Today I'm excited to introduce something brand new! If you have a young lady in your house or know a tween or teen girl, keep reading for more information and a chance to win. Every young woman is dear. But not every young woman realizes this truth. Jenny Keliher has a passion to encourage young women to discover that they are dear. She wants to “show young women that they are dear in every sense of … [Read More...]